Setup confg. file for Daemon

Now that you have run ./altbitd for the first time after compiling the ATBI Token, you will notice that it asks you to make a altbit.conf file, as well as give you a RPC user/pass. A directory named .altbit has also been created, and it's inside this directory we need to make our altbit.conf file.

Enter the following commands with Root Permissions:

    cd .altbit
    ls -la
    sudo nano altbit.conf

Required Attributes

Copy and Paste the following block of code into the empty altbit.conf file that you have just created. Replace the RPC user/pass with the ones you saved earlier when asked to make the configure file.

Be sure to Overwrite and Save you file before you exit:


Start your Node

Enter the following commands and your Node will be up and running.

    cd ATBI/src
    ./altbitd -daemon
     * Server Starting message should now be showing on command line *
     * To check if it is working, enter the following command *
    ./altbitd getinfo

Linux GUI Wallet

In our Builder's Guide we will use your daemon to build a Linux Wallet. Debug Console and command help will be included. Encryption, Wallets Backup, and Private Keys.

Linux Build

API Calls and Quick Links